Thermal solutions by hekra: From cooling to heat recovery

There is nothing that does not exist. This is also valuable for the demands of our customers. So you will also vainly search for a hekra product catalogue. Customising is our daily business. That means: We will exactly build what you need - according to your specifications and requirements. Because hekra is a specialist for special plant constructions on top-level.

Besides the usual cooling and air conditioning aggregation we also develop

  • Cooling and air condition units in split configuration

  • Cooling and heat pumps with Turbocor technology

  • Conditioning cabinets according to different norms and standards

  • Plants for explosion endangered areas

  • Heat exchanger stations

  • Test equipment for temperatures between -40°C and +250°C

  • Precipitation dynamometers

  • Thermal load simulation units

  • Pressure variation units

  • Leak test plants

  • Switch cabintes with related controlling

At the same time we will not only realise your planning demands, we will also program according to your function descriptions.

And: we will choose all inserted components that way they will correspondent to your application in the best possible way. For that we will consider your product integrations for example specific regulation products for minimising your spare part stock.

Plant construction and engineering services: Planning and realisation from one source

hekra developes consolidated first-class quality tailor-made thermal solutions. Short ways of communication and pure internal interfaces will guarantee a fast and seamless planning and realisation of your air conditioning and cooling equipment.

Renting refrigeration - the hekra service not only for the metropolitan area of Nuremberg

Your air conditioning suddenly deserted you? On demand we offer a 24/7 on-call duty with spare parts in stock and immediate support.

Depending on the type of plant construction and availability hekra will deliver a replacement unit for rent within 24 hours - installation inclusvie. With that you are able to continue your business while you are planning the replacement without pressure of time.

You can rent the following air conditioning and refrigeration:

  • Cold production systems

  • Climate cabinets

  • Pump stations

  • Drying plants

  • Moisturisation systems

Is there an emergency and you want to rent short-term hekra aggregations? Please call our emergency-service +49 9123 174 510 - daily / from 0h to 24h

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